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Electrical system, CEO and GM Luigi Ferraris presents Terna’s first app

It will contain one million constantly updated data available in real time: Terna’s first smartphone application was presented on 16 December by the CEO and General Manager Luigi Ferraris. It is already available for download from Apple and Google stores. As stated in a note issued by the national transmission system operator, all data on electricity needs, generation and transmission sources, together with information on renewable sources and foreign trade flows, will be provided through the app. Users will also be able to consult major energy sector news and Terna’s press releases. Here we have a clear step forward in the energy sector, with data and information being made available to the public at large, rather than only sector specialists. Users will now have at their fingertips all the data on the national electricity system, production and consumption in Italy, provided courtesy of the company that manages the Italian electricity system. The new tool of the Group led by Luigi Ferraris is a cutting-edge technological innovation: in fact, the Terna app uses advanced data visualization techniques that place it at the top of the innovation pyramid, above other European transmission system operators. Compared to these operators, the company that manages the Italian electrical system provides greater and more detailed data visualization and a greater quantity of interactive graphs. The objective pursued by Terna is to respond to consumers’ growing demands for transparency through disclosure of ever-increasing volumes of up-to-date data, skills and knowledge. The initiative undertaken is part of a series of datasharing projects, such as the one relating to the evolution of the electricity market since 2000 or the Transparency Report digital platform to promote the harmonisation of data publication. These initiatives are part of a broader evolutionary framework that the Group’s energy production is promoting, which is linked to international issues of sustainability and the fight against climate change.

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